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Together we make airports reachable

Good mobility solutions are an important factor for an airport that wants to be reachable. Together we make airport accessible, sustainable and future-proof

Let people travel safe, sustainable and cost-efficient to the airport via a smart network of mobility hubs around the airport. 

Get a license for the MOBIAN software, a SaaS software to connect mobility options to a hub. Manage in this software the prices and availability. Get an overview in the MOBIAN dashboard of all travellers insights you need. The dashboard offers an overview of travellers data, mobility wishes and financial data. 


Add your parking to the MOBIAN platform, become a MobiHub and create extra revenue

We rent your parking spots for a fixed price, with a minimum of 20 spots. The parking has to be 24/7 available. We will pay you every month for the parking spots. 

By selling your mobility services via MOBIAN and her resellers, you will get a lot of new customers. These all come via different ways to you.  

Get a login to the MOBIAN dashboard to view all bookings, important client data and financials. One login to see everything of MOBIAN and her resellers. Or upload all information into your own system.  

Start selling mobility solutions to your customers and give them the best options

Book all mobilities via your own dashboard login. All bookings are made on invoice. This way you can book the best solutions for your customers and generate extra revenue on every booking made.
Generate a dedicated landing page and let your customers book via those pages. The pages are in your look & feel including payment. You will get revenue on every booking made at your pages. 
Integrate all mobility solutions in your system. We have an API which makes this easy to do. Use MobiPay and we will handle all payments. You can send customized emails (e.g. confirmations) to your customers. 
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